Commonwealth Altered Object Reaction Force

Our Duty:

The unknown is the source of human fear, unpredictable and uncontrollable make humans deeply feel their own weakness. There are too many things in this world that cannot be explained, and some of them become altered objects. The duty of our foeces is to study and contain them, prevent them from losing control and causing damage to the world.

Important Notice:

Attention to all staff members, accessing all information in this database will require a permission from your head of departement. All access must follow the confidential protocol.

Level I Object Database

Level I Object Defination:

All level I object are harmless to human being, and they are the easiest to contain. Our research departement has done research to this level of object well enough that containment does not require significant resources.

  • Object ID: AO-I-001
  • Object Name: Altered Seretide
  • Object Altered Level: I
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This object looks just like a normal Seretide accuhaler. It was produced by GSK in 2021. This object will make the person who inhaled a dose float in the air. Due to it's unpredicting nature, now the reaction force is searching for the rest of units in the same batch.
  • Containment Procedure: Place in a standard containing unit
  • Object ID: AO-I-002
  • Object Name: Amaroo sparkling grape juice
  • Object Altered Level: I
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This object is a altered sparkling grape juice. It was initially found in a BWS. This bottol of sparkling grape juice hsa infinity of capacity. The liquid produced in the bottol has confirmed to be normal sparkling juice. Now this altered object has been connect to the beverage machine in site Alpha to reduce beverage purchase expenses.
  • Containment Procedure: None
  • Object ID: AO-I-003
  • Object Name: Rachel the teddy bear
  • Object Altered Level: I
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This object is a Miniso made brown teddy bear. This object is the product of a disaster failure of a experiment happened in 2017. DUring the experiment, the soul of a female scientist has been transfered to this teddy bear, and makes it alive. This object now allows limited activities in site Alpha as a scientist to continue her service in the reaction force.
  • Containment Procedure: None
  • Level II Database

    Level II Object Defination:

    All the level II object are more unpredictable, insufficiently understood and may cause loss and casualties. This result more resource is needed to contain them.

  • Object ID: AO-II-01
  • Object Name: Er Ha
  • Object Altered Level: II
  • Status: Containment breach
  • Description: This object is a living off-white husky doll. It likes to eat and mess things up when unattended. It was contained in site Alpha until the security neglected to let it go. Now the reaction force has received several possible reports about it, such as lost all the meat pie in a wearhouse and some other mess in shopping center overnight.
  • Containment Procedure: Temporarily unavailable
  • Object ID: AO-II-05
  • Object Name: IKEA maze
  • Object Altered Level: II
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This IKEA is located in Springvale. It is a normal furniture sales center during the day, but at night, the internal shelves and exhibition halls will begin to reorganize themselves into a random maze.If someone stays in the store overnignt, it will be difficult to find a way out unless you wait until it reopen next morning.
  • Containment Procedure: Empty the store before 6pm everyday
  • Object ID: AO-II-11
  • Object Name: Room 2-55-66
  • Object Altered Level: II
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This room is located in the dormitory of Monash University. In this room, time is chaotic. This will repeat the week which have the most assignment over and over again. The reason for this phenomenon is that too many assignments cause the room owner to have a mental breakdown. The research department is now investigating it.
  • Containment Procedure: The hole building has been locked and transfered to site Beta
  • Level III Database

    Level III Object Defination:

    All level III objects are extremely dangerous. We are currently very ignorant of these items, and for some reasons are unable to conduct experimental investigations on them. These objects will cause a large number of casualties and even destroy civilization. They must be contained in all cost.

  • Object ID: AO-III-09
  • Object Name: The Cat Loard
  • Object Altered Level: III
  • Status: Uncontained
  • Description: According to the report of the research department, this creature has strong mind control ability. They will enslave humans through their cute appearance. The affected people will be incapacitated and willing to dedicate everything for them. The researchers are now discussing countermeasures, and all personnel should avoid contact with them.
  • Containment Procedure: Unavailable
  • Object ID: AO-III-25
  • Object Name: Hyperspace television
  • Object Altered Level: III
  • Status: Contained
  • Description: This Xiaomi TV has the ability to connect to other spaces. Some objects will be sent out every time when it's on. Analysis shows these object are not made from human technology. This item is now contained in site Beta and related experiments are carried out by the Hyperspace Research Department.
  • Containment Procedure: Cut off the power when not in use
  • Object ID: AO-III-66
  • Object Name: The shy guy
  • Object Altered Level: III
  • Status: Containment breach
  • Description: Due to the order of the Supreme Commander x1, any physical features of this person should not be recorded. Anyone who sees his face through photos or guesses his face through text description will be retaliated by him. There is currently no known way to stop him from rushing towards the target.
  • Containment Procedure: None
  • Warning! Image has been removed